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In 1986, Kaino Group started its business as a portable keyboard manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. After its 20 years steady growth in the industry, Kainuo is currently a major keyboard provider in China. Our factory locates in Guangzhou, China. Kaino's R&D is equipped with software (embedded firmware/PC application), electronic (analog/degital) hardware, 3D AutoCad mechnical design, music & sound development.

In the early 90's, Kainuo developed our first full line portable electronic keyboards and digital piano, and became a OEM/ODM provider in China. Our customers including Pearl River Piano Factory, KORG(Japan), Sonata, Viscount, Solandy, ect. By focusing on being the best solution provider, we have developed a professional R&D team to provide full line ODM solution for MIDI keyboard, electronic keyboard, digital piano and other musical instruments, from SW firmware design, cosmic design, mechanical design, electronic design to manufacturing with world class quality management.

Kaino Factory (Guangzhou)

Kaino Factory locates in Guangzhou (Canton), China. The high profile management team help building the production process a world class keyboard product manufacturer. Unique manufactuering arragement and management are designed by our long time keyboard manufactuer expertise and know-hows. The long time partnership with world wide compaies make the factory a ideal place for your next off-shore production provider.

Electronic Department

Our Electronic engineers in house designe & phototype electronic PCB, amplifier, and other electronic parts for digital piano, MIDI controller, protable keyboard, effect pedals & other products.

Software Department

Kainuo is one of the few musical instrument manufacturer in China also equipped with embedded software development capability. A couple different technology platform are designed for varieties of application and can easily to be adopted and to develop derivative applications, we aim to help you fast to market. The current platform provides low cost MIDI synthesizer, user interface, USB, IDE interface, LCD/LED display, test application, PC MIDI application.

3D Mechanical Design

Our mechanical engineers design 3D modeling for various products with Solidworks or 3D CAD software, in house mold phototype. More than that, our engineers work closely with our mold development vendors, and will track all the machine molding detail information.

Music Department

Music team provides different MIDI development project, sound recording, design, and audio effect solutions. Our current MIDI library includes a large number of professional rhymes and songs for professional music applications. Sound design team devotes in sound recording, HRTF filtering, equalization, in-door and out-door reverberation, looping, and lower level sound font development.

Keyboard Development

Our keyboard develop group studies different kinds of acoustic piano keyboard system, hammering mechanics measurement, develop keyboard modelling. We design 88-keyoard full size progressive hammer action keyboard, and 25/37/49/61 full size weighted keyboard. With our special expertise in keybeds, we have developed a unique process for keyboard development, including system measurement, physical modeling, model design, hand made prototyping, mold design and keyboard production. Our new TH3 progressive hammer keyboard is designed for professional keyboard application, it's equipped with progressive(4 levels) hammer action with precise hammer weighting, and the escapement touch (the click feeling when press the key slightly).



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