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Kaino - Value Brand Fine Digital Piano

In 1986, Kaino Group started its business as a portable keyboard manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. After its 20 years steady growth in the industry, Kaino is currently a major keyboard provider in China. Our factory locates in Guangzhou, China. Kaino's R&D is equipped with software (embedded firmware/PC application), electronic (analog/digital) hardware, 3D AutoCad mechanical design, music & sound development.

In 1996, Kaino started to study the possibility to develop and manufacture a full line of digital piano. By focusing on providing the best alternative value brand digital piano, Kaino had introduced two majoy lines of digital piano, and they are now: Wellstone® & Aura®.

About Kaino's Digital Piano

Sound System
The heart of the digital piano. Kaino keeps pushing the limit of the capability to reproduce the rich & natural acoustic piano tone. By professional recorded two highly graded pianos, Steinway & Sons® Model D in Germany 2001, Yamaha® C7 in USA 2006, each Kaino digital piano features the very fine acoustic piano sound reproduction.

In order to enhance sound quality, Kaino put tremendous efforts to improve the acoustic aspect of the digital piano. Every model of the Kaino digital piano went through a research & development process with acoustic design, measure & redesign cycles until the cabinet, speakers & amplifier design meets our strict standard.

In Kaino, we are strive to delivery the best playing experience to our customer, and our musician engineers play a critical role in developing a fine keyboard. Since Kaino introduced its first hammer action keyboard in 1997 and later released two improved versions, more features and realistic feel of the keyboard had been developed.

In the latest keyboard model introduced in 2007 summer, it features progressive hammer action, customizable keyboard touch, and post "click" feel simulation.

Kaino study and develop different type of music, continue to create music for demo, accompaniment and education purpose. Each Kaino digital piano features EZ piano teaching system, provide exciting education opportunity for our children to learn hundreds of master pieces.

In Kaino, we believe new technology will help our children to have a more playable & more fun instrument. We never stop to research & develop new technology and use technology to bring great value to our customers. The very unique EZ piano teaching system with keyboard lights & USB flash storage is one of many exciting features in the Kaino digital piano. You can learn more about this feature here.

In 2006, Kaino accounced its own synthesizer sound chip 500TM, a high quality sound synthesizer with built in sound smooth interpolation, it again enforces our commitment to delivery the value fine digital piano.

A fine instrument is also a piece of fine craft, from classic to modern design, Kaino digital piano provides a full line of different options for our customers. Wellstone series provides high quality classic acoustic piano like cabinet, and Concerto series provides contemporary cabinets.


Steinway & Sons®, Yamaha® are brand names not associated with Kaino.


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