LX-505 CR-301
LX-503 CR-203
LX-502 CR-202

2011' Fall New Released Aura and Ωmega Series equipped with Improved Hammer Action Keyboard, Hi-Fi Graded Sound System &True Color Touch Screen.


LX-802 is the world's favorite digital piano, being the instrument of choice at prestigious music schools , music instrument stores, family and everywhere. The ultimate in piano enjoyment . The piano sound and touch are exquisite, akin to playing a world-class grand, yet it's special features such as the color touch screen give this instrument much more functionality than meets the eye. A uthentic sound, elegant expre-ssiveness. Unsurpassed beauty.


Introducing a groundbreaking digital grand with a graceful style and stunning valuable piano coatings veneer finish that blends elegantly into any environment. The piano's sound and touch are exquisite, just like playing a world-class grand. This new serie puts the luscious, expressive sound of a real acoustic grand piano at your fingertips. Real grand piano key touch, elegance and response.


The new top-of-the-line LX-503 piano incorporates the finest Kaino’s powerful features, yet it’s easy to operate . Enjoy the hundreds of new and exciting musical styles packed into this flagship instrument. The rich, immersive Hi-Fi graded sound system with Advanced 3D sound will fill your room with beautiful music. Every bit as beautiful as it sounds, this specially crafted key-board lets you use techniques possible only on real.


The LX-502 provides a cost-effective way for musicians to experience the acclaimed omega ® series. Musical talent is within you— it merely needs the right instrument to bring it out and let it flow.

The new LX-502 Series is just that instrument.With

its exception-ally realistic Voices, dynamic backing Styles, wond-erful expressiveness, comprehensive features and stunning sound—it helps you tap into your inner musician, and fully develop the musical talent you know is deep inside.


CR-303, new cabinet design, equipped with progressive weighted keyboard, large sound memory system. Unique keyboard lighting system works

with our piano teaching system will help players to achieve their maximum playing potential.This model has resonant, richly textured piano sound.


The CR-301 provides a costeffective way for entrylevel piano students and hobbyists to experience the wonderful features series offers. It’s like having an expert band behind you, following your every move and every chord change. The enormous range of Styles encompass virtually every musical genre and are newly improved as well, utilizing realistic Voices to create the most authentic and dynamic accompaniment to make you sound like a professional!


With the CR-203 Digital Piano, players gain access to the stereo sampled grand piano sound and in total 128 instrument tone plus an expressive Hammer Action Keyboard at a price virtually any musician can afford. Whatever type of music you play, this model ensures you’ll always have the right Voice to perform with.


CR-202 provides the best piano for the young and elder piano learners. Simple, easy to operate and equipped with 12 tones & built-in 3 track recorder system.Real piano key touch, elegance and response.

Fine digital piano with classic cabinet design, Wellstone offers the most releastic piano keyboard with a load of new technology: USB flash driver, EZ Piano Learning System, and attractively priced.

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